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What's an Aussiedoodle?

 Yes, as the name would have you guess, they do involve Aussies...They are a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. In our case, a standard poodle. The combination brings out the best in both breeds, we have happy aussiedoodle owners who will vouch for the breed any day.

Aussiedoodles are quite intelligent, easy to train, and are a perfect pet for those who can't have dogs due to allergies, because they shed little to none at all. If you read the article I posted below it talks a little bit about how they can require haircuts, you can thank the poodle in them for that.They are a very handsome looking dog and come in a variety of colors.

Genetically speaking, the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle are a very healthy cross. Possessing a natural phenomenon known as “hybrid vigor,” the Aussiedoodle is commonly much healthier and tends to live a longer life than his purebred ancestors.



Attention: We are not large scale breeders who accumulate puppies. Typically our puppies are sold before they are even born. Therefore, we do not sell adult aussiedoodles or any adult dogs. Our dogs are our pets and they are not for sale. We have never had a dog returned to us. If a situation occurs where a dog is returned to us I will update the website accordingly. Thank you.

Aussiedoodles come in a RAINBOW of colors!

Fraggle (young adult aussiedoodle/red merle) Loves the Snow!

 Charlie Beecher as an adult F1 Aussiedoodle from our very 1st litter! Isn't he stunning?!

Nanni (a young adult aussiedoodle)

Future Aussiedoodle Owners:

Wondering what are some important things to know before buying an Aussiedoodle puppy? Two things that I cannot possibly stress more for any future dog owner: Research and Obedience Training, with any puppy you can't possibly go wrong!


Pepper with her family at the beach!

Zoey and Dolly, just woken up


Fraggle in Canada snow :)

Swim Anyone? 

Little miss Lainey swims and fetches! She's a super Aussiedoodle!

Doggy Updates ...

Sammy the aussiedoodle with his new "big brother"!

Pepper the aussiedoodle in Alabama!

Lainey girl in Florida (with her new kitty friend) ^_^

Carly playing in her new home in Tualatin, OR!

Why not a mini or toy aussiedoodle?

Well, I could ask you, "Why not a pomeranian?". I don't even understand how these little teacup doggies share a name with standard aussiedoodles. Sure they're cute in a shaky- little- chihuahua way, but what do they have in common? Well for one it's not size! The very reason I fell in love with the standard aussiedoodle was their temperment (besides their beautiful looks of course), and while I cannot speak for all of the mini aussiedoodles in the world I can say that there is a VERY large difference between the toy group and the working/herding group. If you're looking for an aussiedoodle but are worried about size please just do your homework. And, NO we do not breed or sell mini's.


Please be wary of breeders selling mutliple breeds!

Where do some of our Aussiedoodle puppies live now?

Our puppies have gone all over the US and Canada- we even have one of our Aussiedoodles in London! Puppies have left our home to states such as Kentucky, Massachusetts, Alabama, Washington, California, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, South Carolina, Utah, and Canadian provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Yukon territory!  

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